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Exceptional Contract Product Assembly Services

Get Cost Saving, Effective Contract Product Assembly Services

Australian Product Dynamics (APD) provides exceptional contract product assembly services to companies in many industries, from simple retail items to complex systems.

Benefits of Effective Contract Assembly

  • No capital investment – Building, facilities, land
  • No labour costs – Staff, work cover, insurance, superannuation and overhead costs.
  • Set Costs – Know the exact cost for budgetary and costing requirements
  • Control – Offering high volume quality assembly
  • Save Time – Increased ability to meet deadlines
  • Exceptional Service – Increased service for your clients
  • Flexibility – Produce as per your market requirements

Rely on our Skills, Experience

Australian Product Dynamics has the ability, skills and expertise to assemble any product. Systems and jigs are set up and run, after establishing a specific understanding of the product and the quality requirements.

One of the major benefits of APD’s contract product assembly is in providing a service where you have known costs, which do not change from batch to batch. Ultimately this means price security and no capital expenditure.

Timing Considerations

Australian Product Dynamics is experienced in implementing timely product assembly procedures with a team of experienced professionals.

Who Needs APD


  • For sub assembly lines
  • High quantity producers for conversion to retail packaging
  • Over flow production
  • Meet surges in sales demand without increased labour


  • ImportersTo assemble items produced overseas to maximise freight costs
  • To inspect and rework defect products which have been imported


  • Adapt to rework of production items produced locally or imported


  • Perfect solution for tier one or two suppliers

Industries Serviced

  • Importers
  • Automotive
  • Electrical
  • Plastics
  • Plumbing
  • Retail
  • Whole sale distributors
  • And you, if you have the need