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Storage And Distribution

Flexible or Complete Solutions Provider

Adelaide Warehouse and Logistics are flexible to client requirements with the ability to offer full storage and distribution services or working with your nominated delivery company in picking and packing.

Adelaide Warehousing & Logistics will provide distribution solutions for your delivery needs.

  • Container Load and Un-load
  • National Line haul Co-ordination
  • Pick and Pack Facilities
  • Fully Trained Staff
  • Computerised Inventory Control
  • Cost Effective Distribution
  • Metropolitan Same Day Delivery
  • State Of The Art Security
  • Bulk Break Distribution
  • Detailed Computerised Product Activity Reports

Range of Vehicles Available

AWAL provides a full range of vehicles from Utes, Taut liners to semi trailers depending on your requirements.

Container Services

A range of side loaders or tray tops are utilised for collecting and returning 20’ and 40’containers. We provide facilities and Labour to unload and load containers either by hand or forklift.