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AWAL – Mining Logistics Specialists

Adelaide Warehousing and Logistics (AWAL) offers warehousing and distribution as well as advanced product assembly services to mining industry clients throughout Australia.

  • Idea for mining businesses looking for a base for storage and dispatch facilities
  • With large bulk storage and racking available all under cover in a secure environ.
  • Container loading and unloading available
  • Road train suitable.

An industry leader in logistics, AWAL is based in Adelaide and close to port, rail and airport facilities giving easy access to all major transport routes and providing a centralised warehousing and distribution solution.

AWAL allows for efficient control and management of mining assets, saving you valuable time and money and reducing operating costs, whether for:

  • Off-site storage and quick retrieval when needed, allowing quick response to changes in demand
  • Consolidation of materials and product assembly for transport to various mining sites
  • A place to house spares and essential maintenance equipment
  • Accurate inventory and visibility of mining assets
  • Any mining logistics issues entailing warehousing and distribution, product assembly or storage

Mining Services Range

As mining logistics specialists AWAL’s mining services include:

  • Third party distribution solutions
  • Container services including collecting and dehiring containers from wharf or rail
  • Loading and unloading of containers.
  • A central warehousing and distribution centre for your stock/product in South Australia
  • Sourcing and managing freight from our Adelaide location to any destination in Australia

Product Assembly

Australian Product Dynamics (APD) provides our product assembly and contract assembly services and can assemble simple items to complex systems to specification.

APD’s skilled staff will establish an understanding of your product and quality requirements before assembling to your specifications.

Minimise Your Costs

Choose AWAL to help minimise your costs by dealing direct with a single entity to manage all your mining logistics requirements. Only pay for what you use with no fixed rent, no capital outlays and no labour on costs.

Our facilities include more than 8500 square metres of space and multiple storage solutions with a professional team providing cost effective warehousing and distribution, monitored high end security and detailed computerised activity reports.