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Pick and Pack

With the explosion of popularity in online retailing, companies need an experienced provider of pick pack warehouse activities.

We provide a complete range of effective and prompt pick pack services for a variety of industries.

Order Processing

As with all of our services, we have a comprehensive warehouse management system in place for processing orders for pick and pack at our warehouse.

  • Your stock is carefully selected to match your fulfilment order
  • We follow a strict inventory system to ensure stock is accurately matched
  • We take extra care with stock as it is selected and wrapped
  • The freight is labelled as required and delivered
  • Our efficient pick pack services and procedures guarantee prompt and precise delivery of your stock

Our professional team undertakes careful inventory management and procedural checks to minimise stock losses, and to ensure accurate order fulfilment.

We also send regular detailed computerised reports on your stock levels.

These reports enable you to monitor stock levels, helping you mitigate ‘out of stock’ issues.

Fast, Easy and Secure

There are a number of benefits you receive from using a logistics specialist for pick pack services:

  • You are provided with detailed computerised product activity reports
  • We offer monitored high-end security
  • More cost-effective distribution
  • Your customers are guaranteed prompt delivery
  • Specialised pick pack warehouse facilities and control procedures

Who uses Pick and Pack Warehouse Services?

Our services are ideally suited to online sellers and businesses with a high volume of small transactions that often result in one or only a few items per order.

For these businesses, the cost of processing small orders is quite high and often results in them having to impose minimum charges on customers.